Trinity College Dublin, Dining Club London
Founded 1810
Re-formed 1894

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Photo Gallery

TCD London Dining Club Bicentenary Dinner 18th June 2010

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Roy Foster, guest speaker, Jennifer Lyons and Frank Larkin

Norah Kelso, John Hegarty Provost & Neasa Ní Chinnéide Hegarty

Patrick & Sandra Sweeney, Kate & Frank Larkin

Carol Leighton & John Kurkjian

David McConnell and his Hist friends: L to R, Jeremy Craig, Neville Keery, Patrick Evershed, David McConnell, Alan Craig, Mike Ryder, Ross Hinds

Jeremy Craig, Melissa Webb and Patrick Evershed

Roy Leighton, Hamidah Shaikh, Vanne Campbell, Peader O’Mordha

Neasa Childers, Colin Smythe

Deirdre Tracey, Associate Director, Trinity Foundation & Jennifer Taaffe, Alumni Relations Manager from 1/10/10

Christian & Geraldine Schaffalitzky

Denis & Catherine Daly

Moira Gill, William Redhouse, Ann Redhouse, Sandra Williamson

Gary & Deirdre Collins

Conor & Mary O’Shea

Ceilia Dwyer, John & Sheila Whysall

David Went, Chairman of Trinity Foundation & Mary Went

Tricia Donnelly & Niamh Fitzpatrick

Dermot & Sue Scott

Alan Craig, Ross Hinds & Micheal O’Siadhaill

Jackie & Liam Strong

Irish O’Ferrall & Jeremy Craig

Beate Schuler

Sara & Jeremy Curnock Cook

Anne Mills, Aida Power, Jane Corboy

Paul & John Murphy

Post-Bicentenary Dinner visit to the JD by Ross Hinds, Declan Budd, Jeremy Craig, David McConnell and Fergus O'Ferrall